Are these the best wireless earphones on the market?

As a music lover, runner and gym-goer, I’m always on the hunt for great earphones that don’t hurt my pierced ears or fall out when I’m running.

For the past few months I’ve been testing the PaMu Scroll Bluetooth earphones and I have to say, I’m hooked.

These little earbuds sit snugly in your ears without a wire in sight.

I’ve tried so many brands that claim not to fall out both wired and wireless and with my tragus piercings, few ever live up to the hype.

Until now.

The PaMu Scroll earphones stay put and while one may occasionally wiggle its way out, it only happens about once in every five runs and it’s never happened while weight lifting.

Not only are these earphones practical but the music quality is great too. The depth of sound is fantastic and they go pretty loud too (but take care of your hearing, folks. Tinnitus is no joke).

These headphone easily pair as soon as you take them out of their snazzy carry case. I’m so confident in their connection abilities that I don’t even bother to check if they’ve connected any more. I just put them in my ears and start my music.

The range is also superb. I can leave my phone at one end of the gym and walk to get some water at the other and there’s no drop out. I don’t know what kind of wizardry this is but I like it.

The PaMu Scroll earphones are the most popular to have ever been crowdfunded on Indiegogo. They raised more than $3 million from 58,710 backers!

To celebrate the successful crowdfunding campaign, you can still get the earphones via Indiegogo.

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