Are legends born or made?

Heineken are doing something amazing. They’ve created a series of videos that takes ordinary men and drops them in the most remote locations with just the most basic of supplies and directions. In this video Clint is dropped (literally) into the middle of Poland and I, for one, can’t wait to see how he fares.

You can check out this installment of the Dropped series and can follow Clint through Poland. Will he get home?

There are also videos of different men dropped in all sorts of places from Alaska to Cambodia. It’s a true show of the fact that you can make a legend.

Although these guys might be outgoing and social, they’ve got no experience in these extreme situations and it’s so interesting to see how they get on when left with the bare minimum.

Take a look at the Heineken┬« Dropped YouTube channel for a truly immersive experience that will take you through the stories of each protagonist. These videos show you men pushed to their limits and made to face their worst fears. It’s a good example of just how powerful human beings are.

I would love to see a woman dropped into one of these situations. I think the fairer sex would fare just as well (maybe better…).

The outcome of each Dropped experience is completely unscripted. This whole concept and the Poland ‘Voyage’ series makes me want to travel.

If you were dropped somewhere remote, where would it be? I’d choose somewhere like British Colombia, although I’m not sure I could handle being literally ‘Dropped’.

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