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If you are lucky enough to have taken a step back from full-time work to focus on your blog then you’ll probably find that you’ll need to keep yourself organised and on top of the industry you blog about.


When working from home it’s very easy to lose track of what needs to be done. You might already be hugely organised but, even if you are, these apps can help you to work more efficiently.

I say apps for professional bloggers but I suppose what I really mean is full-time bloggers. Anyone that spends most of their time working on a blog of one kind or another.



Although I use the online version of the project management software, there’s an iPhone app too. It’s hugely useful if you manage a number of blogs or clients at any one time. I use it to juggle my blogging work as well as clients and agencies I work with.

There’s a 60-day free trial if you want to try it out but after that it starts at $20 per month. The basic package should be enough for most bloggers as you can manage up to 10 projects.

The mobile app is great if you want to get a quick update on where you are with different projects. You can look at to-do, progress updates, add comments and create new projects.

Another upside to Basecamp is that it’s brilliant for collaborating with others. This is especially important if you run a blog with multiple writers. You can assign tasks to your writers, comment on their work and get an update when the to-do is completed.


DropBoxThis has been a lifesaver over the years. You essentially install a shared folder on all of your devices. Whenever you upload something to one of them, it automatically syncs with the others. This is really useful if you write an article on your iPad but want to access it when you get home to your computer. Similarly, if you store your writing work in your Dropbox folder then you can access it no matter whether you’re on a tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac.

You get 2GB of storage as standard but you can get more if you tweet about it or refer friends.


A big part of what we do as blogger is interaction. Keeping up with other blogs not only gives us the chance to make friends and socialise but you can also get huge amounts of inspiration from reading other people’s blogs.


Bloglovin’ is a blog directory where you can follow your favourite blogs. You visit your Dashboard and you’ll see a post excerpt and an image. This is the best way to keep on top of new posts and it looks better than an RSS feed.


The official WordPress app for iPad is really good. It allows you to create and edit posts and pages, look at stats, add images and mange multiple blogs. Very handy if you’re often blogging on-the-go. If you don’t have a WordPress blog, take a look at Blogsy.

If you need a smartphone or tablet take a look at these orange deals. Having devices and apps that sync together is a fantastic way to keep on top of everything you are working on at any one time.

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