Trends: Ankle strap heels

No matter where you were during London Fashion Week, you will have seen some shoes with an ankle strap. You may not have been able to get away from them. I’m particularly loving the ankle strap heels trend. It might mean that we are moving towards a more classic style of shoe but I’m liking that elegance.

I’m never going to move away from a chunky shoe or a pair of Dr Martens but I love looking at these simple, pretty shoes.

Both these amazing heels are by French Connection. Utterly impossible-to-walk-in shoes made a little more comfortable with the addition of an ankle strap. I love the first pair because of the glitter and the second pair because they are so imposing. A ridiculous heel paired with a chunky strap and an exposed strap.

These Manas shoes are more like what we’ve been seeing on the catwalk. A simple heel, sleek design and a skinny ankle strap. The second pair are even jumping on the neon bandwagon. Over LFW we’ve seen so many fashionistas working the monochrome trend then ¬†accessorising with neons like these shoes.

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