Adding to the plan and a rant…

So, as most of you will know (because I’ve been going on and on about it) I’m going thrifting on Saturday. My original plan was to look for specific pieces mainly costume jewellery and vintage dresses. However, I’m now toying with the idea of buying pieces for resale on Etsy. I’m certainly not thinking about diving in and buying everything cheap that I see. I want to buy quality, unique items that I would want if they were in my size. Coming along with me will be my Mother and my Uncle’s lovely new wife Karen (bargain hunter extraordinaire) I think we shall make a good team although we may find it hard not to traverse the shopping malls and Next. These sorts of stores are not on our agenda and I’m going to make that quite clear, I guess I’m doing that here, both Mum and Karen read this blog.

The only store I’m allowed to venture into is that sports store in the Mall to buy my bro a birthday present. If I do get dragged anywhere else then I am not to buy anything. The only exception to this is if the item I want to buy is under £1 because anything under £1 is a bargain not to be missed.

I’ve digressed, I want to find vintage pieces for resale, to be able to do this without filling my house with crap I intend to do a hefty amount of research. This has already started and as you can see from my last few posts . I’ll be posting more about vintage fashions from different eras including the names of designers, how to choose unmarked pieces and how much each should sell for. I’m not holding out a lot of luck with Norwich charity shops. None of them are in the most affluent of areas of the city instead they tend to be in the sort of rough areas. Although you never know I might be able to find that Chanel bracelet some skank nicked from their neighbor. Do I have a low impression of humanity, yes I do. But then you would if you walked through Anglia Square twice a day on your commute.

If there are designer, vintage, kitsch pieces out there then we will certainly find them. I’m going to quell my impatience and get on with the work that I was born to do. When it comes to shopping in Norwich on a Saturday you’ll find that you can’t walk through a shop without having your feet bashed by a person with a pram (why bring pram based children shopping?), being bumped into by some rude middle aged person or stuck behind two of the slowest old people in the world. I am bitter about this and I seriously hate shopping at the weekends, but to get done what I need to do I don’t really have much choice. Digressing again, take Primark for example I can’t shop in there despite the fact that some of the items are quite good value for money and pretty cool (walking past yesterday I saw some awesome sequined tops in there) the clothes are just chucked haphazardly around, people push into you, snatch clothes from you hands and are littered with teenage mums with prams who have decided that spending their benefits on twenty chavvy tops and some knickers is a good way to spend a Saturday. YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED DO IT ON A MONDAY!

I’m all for rummaging through piles of clothes to find that one unique gem. However, I am not for rummaging through the same sorts of clothes to find that bargainous £3 t-shirt just to walk past six other girls wearing the same on in the next few days. Primark tees tend to be quite distinctive and it is obvious that many people are wearing the same item. Don’t get me wrong I love buying cheap tanktops and quirky dresses from that store but the whole place infuriates me. I try not to shop in there at the weekends because I know I will end up punching someone.

So, I must curb that impatience, no doubt even in the charity shops I’ll find people getting in my way and stealing my bargains but it is all for the higher purpose of being a fashionista. I’m a there for a whole different reason  to those that hang around Anglia Square and if I do see someone well dressed I will tip my proverbial hat to them. I’m not going to wear a hat on Saturday, it’s just not practical for the windy weather, although I do have a very nice pink trilby that would go brilliantly with my new coat…

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