Acne Treatment: From Food to Skin Therapy

2I have to say, I’ve never had bad skin. Yeah, I had and have the odd spot but I’ve never suffered with acne. However, I know people that have and I’ve seen how it affects them. It can kill your confidence, make finding beauty products difficult and can’t feel very nice to boot.

Here are some acne treatment ideas that you may or may not have tried. Some are more drastic than others and the benefits of each tend to vary from person to person. Now, I’m not a dermatologist (or a nutritionist) so if you have any questions it might be worth directing them to a professional. These are just some starting points, do your own research and make up your own mind as to what might work best for you.

Reduce Caffeine

Drinking a lot of caffeine will ensure you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Not getting enough rest puts stress on the body and produces hormones that can lead to blocked pores. Caffeine stays in the body for five or six hours after you drink it so if you are going to have a cup of tea or coffee, have it in the morning.

Limit Alcohol

When you drink alcohol, your liver has to deal with it to help detoxify your body. One route of detoxification is through your skin. Drinking heavily can really exacerbate an acne problem. If you have gone through a period of heavy drinking (Christmas, birthdays, parties etc.) try and balance it out with a long detox. The benefits of this is that you eliminate those toxins (although you may notice a flare up in acne as it’s all pushed out so keep on a detox until things settle down), and it helps to form good habits for the future too.

It’s not good to go through detox/binge cycles so if you do detox, try and continue a more healthy lifestyle from that point.

Cut out processed foods

Again, processed foods contain toxins that are pushed out through the skin. Try to limit junk foods and focus more closely wholefoods. You need to avoid synthetic flavours, preservatives and colours.

Drink 2 litres+ of water per day

Water helps to detox the body and hydrate you. This is so important for your skin regardless of whether you suffer with acne or not.

Eat clean or paleo/primal


Depending on how your body reacts to certain foods, you could benefit from changing the way you eat. To begin with, eat clean as this is a fantastic, natural acne treatment. That means eating whole foods (meat, vegetables, whole grains, fruit, nuts etc.) and cutting out processed stuff. You should also limit alcohol and caffeine.

Eating clean should help your acne but if it doesn’t perhaps go down the paleo route. That means cutting out dairy and grains as well as eating wholefoods. There are links to the hormones in cows milk and acne. Take a look at this article for more information.

Consult a dermatologist

If you’re desperate for a result and don’t want to go through the trial and error the above methods sometimes require, consult a dermatologist. They’ll be able to give you actionable lifestyle changes as well as prescribing medication that can reduce acne. These often come in the form of topical treatments, antibiotics and perhaps even The Pill (obviously, that last one is for women only).

Complementary therapies

Several complementary therapies, such as evening primrose oil and tea tree oil, have been shown to be great acne treatments. One study did find that tea tree oil was as effective as many of the conventional topical medications, but it took longer to improve symptoms.

Skin therapies

Take a look at the website from Mya. They offer a number of skin therapies that can help to reduce acne and the scarring that can come with it. Talk to them to find out what might be best for you and your situation.

Have you tried any of the above? I’d love to hear your stories.

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  1. I love your blog:) It is nice to come across one that is run by a real person!

    I suffered on and off with acne most of my life and it wasn’t till I really changed my diet and skin regime that it started to clear and I can now confidently say I have been acne free for 3 years.

    I eat by the 80/20 rule so 80% of the time I eat healthy foods and the remaining 20% I eat what I want. I also religiously use My acne skin kit

    Your bit about eating clean will make such a difference.

    Congratulations also on your weight loss. I lost 3 stone as well, it feels great doesn’t it:)

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