IMG_0368About Jess

I am a blogger. I am very lucky that this (along with a few other things) is my full time job. I can often be found out and about taking photos, tapping away on my iPad and eating out with gorgeous, stylish people.

I love: Formula One, curry, dancing, writing, Sci-Fi and things that scare me.

Not so keen on: People who don’t indicate in car parks, leggings worn as trousers, and lecherous men in clubs.

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How Feeling Stylish Started

This blog came about to try and help me lose weight. In April 2009 a package arrived from it contained THE belt. The belt is a wide, leather waist belt by Ted Baker. Bought in a m/l when it was reduced from £60 to £16. I was 17 stone back then.

The belt looked awful. I put a vow to lose weight and look fabulous in the Ted Baker belt forth to the world. This blog is a culmination of those efforts paired with a love for fashion, makeup and style.

That belt is now too big. I’m fitter and healthier than ever and I’m looking to share that with all of you. This is part fitness blog part style blog. They can go hand-in-hand, I promise.

What’s Next?

I’m always attending events, taking even more pictures and blogging about getting fit. There’s a long way for this blog to go and I hope to see you there.

Since starting this blog I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great brands and have been featured in some amazing lists. Here are just a few great things to happen to and come from this little style blog: