About Jess and Nell

It all started with a birthday message on a band forum.

Jess and Nell have been friends for 15 years and met online when it was still a weird thing to do.

Feeling Stylish was started to document Jess’ weight loss journey and features health, fitness, fashion and travel content.

Nell joined the team in 2018 and will be shooting, writing and travelling with Jess.

Get in touch: Jess@feelingstylish.co.uk

Awards and Achievements

  • Jess and Nell are both published journalists
  • Jess was named one of the top 50 fashion insidersĀ on Twitter according to the Telegraph
  • Feeling Stylish was a Navabi Curvy Blog nominee in 2012 and 2013


  1. hey jet,
    i think your blog is quite awesome! i can identify myself with you. i’m kind of small and i don’t have the ‘perfect body’ – well, i’m just kind of curvy, like you. i always compare myself to thin girls and i get depressed, too. but just like everyone said: i can be anyone if i just want to :D
    and on top of that, i also love fashion, photography, pirates and the 50’s! i already designed my own skirt i the style of the 50’s ~
    like your blog and your way of seeing things.
    greetings from germany.

  2. Hi Jet – love your blog, may i suggest though that on your about me page, you remove the part about trying to lose weight? its the second sentence and i feel we all need to try harder to stop seeing women as one dimensional, designers/models led, “must be thin to succeed” wannabees and instead start embracing what we do have and do do well without the industry stereotyping! just a suggestion… keep up the brilliant blogging!!

  3. I completely agree with you but this is partly a weight loss blog. I started it because I knew I wanted to get healthier and telling people about it seemed to help. It’s transformed a bit over the years to a fashion and style blog. I could write for ages why I agree with you though. And my bio does need a bit of an update.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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