A world of shopping

I dragged Ben round a couple of shops over the weekend. He dutifully held my bags while I hunted for flat boots and a shiny dress for Christmas.


This dress was from Dorothy Perkins. There was something about it that wasn’t quite right, the shape just didn’t suit me. It also had shiny bits on the shoulders, which I loved, but you’d never be able to see them because of my mane.


We ventured into Topshop an I almost bought this furry headband before I realised I’d never wear it. Ben said it made me look like a skier.


This fantabulous coat was also from Topshop. I realised, as I was trying it on, that all my current coats are size 18 and will drown me. This one was a 12. A TWELVE! Generally, unless a coat has a waist belt I feel huge in them, not this one. I wish I had £120 to spare on it. Although I could probably do with a size 14 as the sleeves were too short.


This skirt was from River Island. I bought it. There’s a tassel belt and split up the side. I wouldn’t wear it with my lumpy leopard top, in fact I’m not sure what I’ll wear it with yet. Any ideas?

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