A shoe related weight loss technique

I’m struggling with the whole weight loss thing again. I’ve plateaued and have been this way for too long. I desperately want to be in the 14s by the time we leave for America. That’s eight weeks to lose eight pounds. It’ll put me down to 209lbs.

I’m going to start the C25K which should get me running for half an hour non-stop in nine weeks. It sounds like a challenge but it is something to blog about.

I’m going to start calorie counting again. Might try to find a better iPhone app than the one I’ve got. Make everything new and shiny.

So, the shoe part.

Everytime I resist going to the cupboard for chocolate. Everytime I resist buying a pork pie from the farm shop next door to work. Everytime I go for a run. Everytime I do yoga for 30 minutes. Everytime I do one of those I get £2 to go towards some Jeffery Campbell shoes. The shoes I want are around £100.

That’s motivation, Kyle. (Tenacious D reference, sorry…)

Support me. <3

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  1. I can’t imagine buying shoes that cost that much, BUT I can definitely relate to the journey that involves burning fat. I started at 250 lb. (!) on Feb 25, and am now at 229. Have totally changed up the way I eat–almost all fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts, occasional meat for flavoring. No white flour, period–I’ve realized it makes me crave more. Sweetener is Stevia, which has a bit of an odd taste but it helps keep my blood sugar stabilized and I’ve gotten used to the taste and even look forward to it. Lots of monounsaturated fats, to help get rid of belly fat (and it is working, to my amazement). I’ve been holding at 229 for about a week now, but I feel so much better that I’ll keep eating this way even if I never lose another pound. Oh, and I’m going to sleep earlier at night, which wakes me up earlier in the morning and I am feeling rested for a change. Good luck with your shoes.

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