A big goal update

So I was chatting we my bandmate, Furious Dee, about going to Cardiff next year to ponce around the bay pretending we are in Torchwood. We’ll probably save our pennies and go next year.

I mentioned that I’d like to be in the 13s by then. We then both agreed that by Summer next year we would lose 2 stone. It starts tomorrow. That’s our official weigh in day.

However, I’m posting the stats now before I forget.

Current weight: 214lbs (15 stone 4 lbs)

Goal weight: 186lbs (13 stone 4 lbs)

To lose: 28lbs

Wish us luck folks!

My plan for now is to eat breakfast (today it was homemade jam on toast) with a small lunch and normal dinner (tonight Nandos, fail.)

Then as soon as I can get my arse into gear, maybe this weekend, I’m going to join the gym!

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