10 Simple Eyebrow and Eyelash Makeup Tips

Struggling to get the look you’d like for your eyes? Mastering the art of makeup for your lashes and eyebrows can be a serious challenge, especially if you’re just getting started with mascara, eyeliner and other makeup products.

Luckily, learning how to apply your makeup is like learning how to ride a bike: once you’ve got the basics under control, you’ll rarely forget them.

Below, we’ve listed 10 simple makeup tips that you can use to get the best look every time for your eyebrows and lashes. Whether you like a smoky look or a more lightweight, natural style, you’ll find plenty of easily applicable tactics below to help you get the most from your makeup.

Apply your mascara from your eyelash roots out

Mascara works best when it’s applied to the roots of your eyelashes first, then drawn out to the tips. Applying your mascara this way means it’s less likely to clump, meaning there’s less risk of your eyelashes feeling overly sticky and heavy.

Add length and volume to your lash line with false eyelashes

False eyelashes come in a variety of types and sizes, making them great tools for enhancing your lashes beyond what’s possible with makeup. They’re readily available online and make a perfect pairing with the right mascara and eyeliner.

Apply your mascara after you’ve finished your other makeup

It can be tempting to apply your mascara before you’ve finished the rest of your eye makeup — after all, who doesn’t love the look of thick, long lashes? However, to avoid making application harder for your other makeup, it’s best to leave your mascara until the end of the process.

Freeze your eyeliner before sharpening to avoid crumbling

It’s important to keep your eyeliner thin, since this makes it easier to apply to your lash line. If you’ve noticed your eyeliner crumbling when you sharpen it, try freezing it first — it should help to keep it solid.

Use a pencil eyeliner for a smoky look

Love the smoky eye look? Try using a pencil eyeliner instead of liquid, as this is the most likely to give you a smooth, creamy look. If it looks too sharp, use your smudging brush lightly to give it a bit of diffusion for the classic smoky appearance.

Apply primer before you apply your eyeliner

Makeup enthusiasts might already know this one, but it’s always best to apply primer to your eyelids before you use any eyeliner. Doing so not only ensures the skin is clean — it will also help you get the best possible adhesion and appearance.

Don’t forget to define your eyebrows

Your eyebrows act as a visual frame for your eyes, meaning they’re just as important from a makeup perspective as your eyelashes. If you’re aiming to draw attention to your eyes, make sure you define your eyebrows so that your eyes are always the centre of attention.

Remove your makeup carefully

The way you remove your makeup is just as important as the way you apply it. Make sure you use a good quality makeup remover and plenty of wipes, as well as safe, natural products like coconut oil to remove your eye makeup without damaging your skin.

Do you have any eyebrow and eyelash makeup tips?

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