A bikini for every body shape

Every style savvy person knows this well: when it comes to fashion, it’s not all about following the latest trend, but wearing something that suits your body shape.

You may be wearing something that was recently featured in TOPSHOP, but if it doesn’t look good on you then what’s the whole fuss about ?!

This is the same with swimwear and bikinis in particular, which are still the most common option to wear on the beach.

Let’s see how you can choose your bikini to suit your body shape and make you look at your best while sun tanning!



The hourglass shape is a curvy silhouette, with large breasts and hips and a smaller waist. The main concern for an hourglass girl is the support on the breast and for this reason an underwire or a balconette model are the best options for the bikini top. A folded or high waist bottom will also forgive the love handles and make you look slimmer. Have a look at this bikini from Roxy, which comes at £55 and will offer great support to your breast.



The pear shape has a wider bottom and a narrower top and the bikini, in this case, will have to intervene in balancing the proportions. Say no to strappy bikini bottoms and go for a full coverage brief that will conceal the larger hips. For the top, go for anything that adds volume like ruffles, fringes or modelled cups. Also a little padding has never hurt anyone! This bikini from Asos (£42,14 for the top and £42,14 for the bottom) will be perfect in adding volume to your top half and give the illusion of a perfectly proportionate body.



The column body shape has shoulders, waist and hips with very similar measurements. The “issue” with this shape is that it lacks in curves and for this reason your bikini will have to be aimed at adding volume. Bold prints, ruffles, large details, anything that adds movement will look great. Speaking about movement, this bikini from Forever 21 (£10,90 for the bottom and £12,90 for the top) will look absolutely perfect on a column body thanks to the ruffled top and the bold and colourful print.

Inverted triangle


The inverted triangle woman has a very athletic body, with broader shoulders and narrower hips. In order to reduce the disproportion between the two parts, go for a bright bottom, possibly with ruffles or a bold print, and a halter-neck style on the top, which breaks up the neckline and rebalances the proportions. This discounted bikini top from Boden (£23.20) will look great on an inverted triangle.


Roller derby: The last chance

On Sunday I walked 18 miles. Both knees hurt badly and the top of my foot was agony. This was a practice for the 26 mile walk I’ll be doing for Norwich Door to Door in May.

I kind of forgot that it was derby training the following day where I might have one last chance to pass those plow stops.

I’ve had a few practice sessions on the new Riedell skates. I just wasn’t feeling them. They’re so different to the skates I was using before. You really have to tilt your foot to get an edge. I’ve spent this last week relearning to skate. This made plow stops seem so, so far away.

Slowly I got the hang of skating round, crossovers, glides, t stops and so on. I had my trucks really tight so sticky feet was difficult but doable.

By Friday last week I was feeling a little more confident but because it’s the Easter holidays and there are children all over the rink during the day, I hadn’t had much chance to practice plows. I got to Monday’s session wondering if I’d even be able to skate. The warm up was hard, my foot was agony.

Throughout the session I complained to patient friends and thought about stopping to prevent further injury but I pushed through what would turn out to be a really fun session.

Because I cried so much last week, I’d sort of told myself that with these new skates I wouldn’t pass plow stops and that maybe another round of level 1 would do me good while I relearnt to skate.

We did lots of squats, stride, derby stance, falls and track movement. During the drills at the end, me and two others were given the chance to show off our stops. I was almost getting it and was told by our wonderful coach that I just needed to have another go with the second group.

Towards the end of that second go she tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘that’s fine’ as she did with the two other girls.

Did that mean I’d passed?

Hell yeah it did!

Bring on level two. The elation of this achievement is deadened somewhat by the nerves I have for this coming Saturday. I’m so ready for this new challenge.


Things I’m saving for

I’ve never been great at saving money. I’m the sort of person who tends to spend on impulse. However, as an adult with a house and business, I’m getting better. There’s money sitting in my savings and I just want to spend it but I know I’ve got things I need to continue saving for.

AbarthI fell in love with the Abarth 500 at the Autosport Show in January. I test drove it a week later and knew I had to have it. The little 1.4l turbo engine just gives the car so much power. It’s fun to drive, responsive and is going to be the perfect road trip car.


There’s also plenty we want to do around the house. From completely redoing the bathroom and kitchen to buying pretty things from sites like www.lampcommerce.com. Admittedly, there’s nothing really wrong with the house (other than the sink hole in the garden…) but it could be better. Other than a few coats of paint it’s still in much the same condition as it was when we got it. We need to put more of our own stamp on it.

I’m well aware that I’ve just bought new skates. However, the Riedell R3s are just a stop gap until I can afford these. The Sure Grip Rebel Avenger skates. The reason I want these is because of the metal plate (the bit underneath that the wheels/trucks attach to). I’m a heavy skater and there’s no way I want to risk a nylon plate breaking!


The next road trip. Driving to Sweden was great fun and as soon as we get the Abarth I want to go on another trip. Perhaps to Berlin, perhaps to Northern Italy. Europe is our oyster.

What are you saving for at the moment?

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