What the hell is self-care and why do I need it?

I scroll through a lot of positivity and mental health posts on Instagram and all of them talk about regular self-care. All these posts seem to feature tasty meals, spa days or shopping sprees. While these things might constitute self-care, they don’t necessarily embody the practice. So what the hell is self-care? Self-care is about […]

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Review: No-tie shoe laces

If someone had pitched no-tie shoelaces to me, I would’ve assumed they were for kids but after being introduced to the Quick Shoe Lace from Walletking, I’m well and truly sold. I was all skater shoes and Converse back in the early 2000s (OK, I’m still all about the Cons) and back then it was […]

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What Should Men Wear to Play Golf?

The sport of golf is one of the few where players can really express themselves in terms of their fashion.  Most sports have a particular type of clothing to wear – football shirts, tennis outfits, cricket whites. But with golf, you have a lot more scope to wear what you want while on the course. […]

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